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Want to reach more people with your business in 2024?

One Amazing Ad will help you bring in new leads, build connection and cover advertising costs.


Does this sound like you...?

You have a good business.

You post on your socials because you love Canva but a few extra Instagram followers hasn't given you the monthly revenue boost that you're hoping for.

You want a more consistent way to build awareness of your business, improve on enquiries and grow your mailing list.

Let's face it, you've got skills and want to help more people with what you do.

But the thought of setting up a Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaign just... FREAKS YOU OUT.

You've heard the horror stories of marketing agencies with huge retainer fees, or running ads yourself only to spend money and never see a return.

Most people I speak with are confused when they open Ads Manager.

Like it's beyond them and they haven't got the time to learn anything new.

But this is more than just ads, it's a system that you will use to build rapport and connection with new leads - fast.

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WAIT... what do I know?

I've been a Facebook Ads Manager & Marketing Coach for 8+ years and I know not every business owner is ready for ads management.

I 100% guarantee that every small business is ready to grow their list, reach and find more customers.

Comments from the One Amazing Ad Facebook Group (and no, these are not trained Facebook ads managers!)

Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 1.43.05 pm

These comments are from our One Amazing Ad Facebook Group.

Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 1.42.01 pm
Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 1.42.36 pm

And no, these are not trained Facebook ads  professionals!

Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 1.52.24 pm

Use your new leads to build connection AND make sales?

Yes, this is what we do in One Amazing Ad.

If you're reading this now, you "get" that marketing is important for your business/

You know about that growing your new leads and building your mailing list will help you make more sales over time.

You understand that Facebook ads can be used to grow your list.

But... you might be worried that you'll waste time and also money on Facebook ads.

But that's not what keeps me up at night.

My BIG worry is that you'll be like 97% of other business owners who make this fundamental mistake when it comes to growing their list and running ads.

That's that they do nothing to build trust with their new leads.

They send them to a vanilla thank you page that tells them to visit their inbox.

They don't find a way to connect with their new leads, simply treating them like just another number.

But when you train with me, you'll be in the top 3% of businesses who don't do that.

This what makes this course AMAZING.

What you get with One Amazing Ad
Return on your ad spend
My #1 objective when you join One Amazing Ad is to set up a way for your leads to grow using ads. However if you're worried about money, I'll you'll learn how you can offset this with quick sales so your ad costs are covered!

Low Cost Leads
Many of my previous students have run ads in the past and others have been completely are new to ads. At times they've even paid less for a new lead than when they've used an Ads Manager!

If you're new to ads, you'll learn about what's average for your industry and we'll look at ways for you to get the best lead cost for your budget using eye catching creative and copy.

Build connection
There is no point investing in your business only to see your new leads fizzle out into nothing. Learn how to bump up your whole lead generation system so that you can build rapport with your potential customers - fast.

Miranda Ivey
Caroline Giles - Yoga Therapist, Experience Yoga

“The One Amazing Ad Course will give you one amazing ad!

Miranda helps you get straight to the heart of your business niche and then coaches you to develop and launch an ad. All the tech details are demystified and you gain confidence in how and that the ad process still does work!

In my specialised niche of Yoga Therapy, it’s not easy to be seen or understood. I learnt so much more than just reach, leads but how to ‘craft’ events, ‘work’ my email contacts and simplify landing/web pages to see results.

I love working with Miranda and know you will too. ”

One Amazing Ad is a Lead Generation Bootcamp & includes personalised Coaching with Miranda Ivey 

Join now to...

+ Craft a great landing page, mailing list opt-in & upsell that pays for your ads

+ Set up a Conversion Campaign to grow your Mailing List, Brand Awareness & Enquiries

+ Understand budgets & the perfect audience to target

+ Learn easy hacks to awesome copy & create scroll stopping images

+ Create low cost ad campaigns from $10/ day!


⚡️ Coaching Call 1: Powerful & Profitable Lead Magnets

Homework: Improve your existing lead magnet, landing page & welcome sequence.

⚡️Coaching Call 2: High Performing Ad Copy & Creative

Homework: Write ad copy variations and source images / videos. Update your thank you page.

⚡️Coaching Call 3: Set Up Your Conversion Events &  Campaign Set Up with Split Testing

Homework: Finish setting up your campaign and go live

⚡️Coaching Call 4: Review Campaign Set Up & Initial Results & How else to Build Online Buzz

Homework: Monitor Your Ads & try other ways of Building Online Buzz

⚡️Coaching Call 5: Where to next? Scaling, Troubleshooting, Setting Up Different Ad Creatives

Homework: Fill out your Tracking Sheet and Submit with your Results & Review of the Course

"I’m now getting twice as many leads for half the money, which has made a massive difference to my bottom line"

Miranda Ivey
Linda Black - Nutritionist, Zest Natural Theapies

“I learnt so much from Miranda’s One Amazing Ad program.

Now, I understand so much more about how Facebook ads work – as well as how to tweak, monitor AND read the reports. I’ve found that my list-building efforts have been paying off big time.

I’m now getting twice as many leads for half the money, which has made a massive difference to my bottom line. AND almost immediately there was a noticeable increase in new bookings rolling in – from clients that are a perfect fit for our services.

Miranda’s resources are easy to follow, and the weekly calls were great for getting personalised help and insights. I’ve regained enthusiasm for Facebook ads, and can’t wait to see what happens over time, now that I feel 100% in control of this aspect of my business for the first time ever. I would highly recommend Miranda’s program to any small business owner wanting to stand out from the crowd with their marketing.”

"The workshops were well paced and it was a useful way to work through the key elements of a successful campaign and the actions you wanted to achieve."

Miranda Ivey
Christine Pope - Naturopath

“Miranda's "One Amazing Ad" course helped me turn the corner on my facebook advertising and get affordable leads to my email list.
The workshops were well paced and it was a useful way to work through the key elements of a successful campaign and the actions you wanted to achieve.”

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What's included with One Amazing Ad?

⚡️ 7 Modules of One Amazing Ad Training
Get started as soon as you join!
Lifetime Access
(value $495)

⚡️ VIP Facebook Group 
Get Ads & Funnel Feedback every weekday!
Group is open Monday March 4 - Thursday April 11
(value $500)

⚡️ Five Weekly Coaching Calls
Thu 7 March 11am AEDT - Powerful & Profitable Lead Magnets
Thu14 March 11am AEDT - High Performing Ad Copy & Creative
Thu 21 March 11am AEDT - Conversion Events & Set Up with Split Test
Thu 28 March 11am AEDT- Monitoring, Troubleshooting
Thu 4 April 11am AEDT - Scaling, where to next?
(value $550)

⚡️ Bonuses

Understanding Facebook Ads in 2024 - Live or Replay on February 29
(value $22)

F!X Your Funnel Workshop
(value $22)

Lead Form Magic Course

(value $39)



Sign up available until March 5, just $675!
OR 7 x Payment Plan of just $97 per month for 7 months!


"My favourite part of the course was the conversations around other people’s businesses, ads and results"

Miranda Ivey
Sonja Balzarolo - Bookkeeper, Blossoming Business

“I would recommend this course. The results are exactly what you sell - One Amazing Ad that gives results, whatever that is for each person. For me it was starting to build up my email list to then lead into launching my mini-course.

My favourite part of the course was the conversations around other people’s businesses, ads and results as it gives a different perspective, ideas and inspiration to keep tweaking, trying new things out to get best result.
And of course seeing the results of my ads! ”

Hello 👋 I'm Miranda,

I love helping women in business come out of their shell and share their skills, talents and make more money online.

I’ve been on a mission to simplify online marketing for small business owners for 10 years because for far too long, too many awesome people have felt too "dumb" to be in a power position online.

After blowing the minds of big brands with these low-cost strategies I’m obsessed with helping business owners everywhere build connection with their customers fast.

My superpowers include breaking down your online overwhelm so you can truly let people in to your fabulous way of doing what you do!

You are fabulous, now let's tell the world with ONE AMAZING AD!

"Thanks for putting up with my millions of Facebook posts and holding my hand through the whole process!"

Miranda Ivey
Alison Fleming - Creative Crafts RC

“I have learnt so much during One Amazing Ad and with Miranda's assistance I was able to launch my first ad.

Miranda is a wealth of knowledge. She is so friendly and helpful. It has been great learning the process to launch a Facebook ad and track its progress.

I highly recommend Miranda and the One Amazing Ad course.

Thanks for putting up with my millions of Facebook posts and holding my hand through the whole process!”


Can you guarantee that my Facebook ads will work?

I've been managing Facebook ads for a large variety of clients for the past three years, selling everything from sleep products to healthy eating online courses. Facebook ads are a fickle beast but you'll be getting every trick I have to ensure your success.

What about lead magnets?

Lead magnets are the best way to attract new leads. As a bonus, you will have access to Unlock the Power of Your Lead Magnet to set your Lead Magnet up for success.

How long will it take to set up my ads?

Over 5 weeks there are weekly 90 minute calls, plus there will be around 60 minutes of extra work you may be required to do to ensure that you've set up your Profitable Lead Magnet system. Once your ads are up and running from approximately week 3, less work will be required as you'll be checking and maintaining your ads.

Do you offer refunds?

When you run a business you need to make firm decisions. If between purchasing and the course starting you have a reason why you're unable to undertake this course, please contact us on and we can arrange for you to be part of a future round.

What happens if I can't make it live?

Don't worry, i've got your back. Each session will be recorded and available for 30 days so you can watch it when you have time.

Are we really eating frogs 🐸?

“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” - Mark Twain

Often business owners keep putting off lead generation until times are tough. It's way better to get on the front foot with your lead generation and growing your list so that when you have something new to sell or you need more sales, you've got an audience to sell to.

So yes, if you've been putting off eating the Facebook ads frog, you're in the right place.

I've done this course before, can I just rejoin?

Sometimes our business direction changes and we need new ads to find new customers - I totally get it!

All previous One Amazing Ad members enjoy a significant discount on future rounds, get in touch with us on if you'd like to join us again. 

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Results from this program will vary as every business is different. Facebook & Instagram ads are a tricky beast with many variables including but not limited to your product type, budget, website, offer and target audience. This course will help you to understand how you can use paid ads if you would like to. No guaranteed sales are given for the success of your paid ads or content.

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