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Your social media is getting less reach every day, don't you agree?

It seems like your feed is full of ads and it's only going to happen more and more...

So now seems like the time to start running your own ads.

But if you're like most business owners, you stop your ads pretty soon after you begin because you don't know if they're even working.

And so you keep posting, hoping that it will work. 

All those customers who need your help - they don't know you exist.

I can assure you of this

Now is still a great time to run Facebook ads.

... But your ads will only work if they're created the right way.

Your customers are smarter than ever. The competition is growing every day.

Between trying to be at the top of Google search results and your posts never being seen, it can feel like you're never going to win.

❌ No website changes

No email management system

No expensive developer fees

No new technology subscriptions

✅ No worries mate!

But YOU can create Lead Form Ad Campaigns run on Facebook and Instagram to capture the names, email addresses and even phone numbers of potential customers.

Lead form Magic (5)

Inside Lead Form Magic You Will Learn:

✨ Why most people's ads are wrong from the very first click and the simplest ad type you can create to start capturing leads without any website changes required.

✨ Secrets to great copywriting and creative that will make people stop the scroll and enter their details.

✨ Why if you're a local business these ads will help you reach your community with ease.

✨ Insights from over eight years of running Facebook ads, in easy to understand terms.

✨ The exact steps to set up your ads and monitor their results, taking the guesswork out of whether they're "working" or not.


Lead Form Ads Have Already Worked For:

A Home Water Filter Company

An Aged Care Recruitment Agency

A Bespoke Event Business

A Craft Workshop Business

A Plumbing Maintenance Company Looking for Staff

An Online Shoe Retailer

If these work so well then why isn’t everyone using them… what’s the catch?

Lead Form Campaigns work for specific offers and enquiries.

There are 1000,000s of businesses advertising on Facebook & Instagram, every one of them has a different objective.

If you want new leads and enquiries then this is the course for you!


Join Lead Form Magic now if:

✨ You're an existing business and want more enquiries 

You're a new business who needs interest

You know you want to run a competition and capture people's email addresses so you can market to them later

You want to grow your mailing list but don’t know how to start

You're ready to call new leads & enquiries today!

Watch this video and find out exactly how Lead Form Campaigns work!

What's Included in Lead Form Magic ✨?

How to run Lead Form Ads - Over $450 in Value!

1. Targeting

Learn how you can easily target your Ads Campaign by Age, Gender, Location & Interest

2. Offers

No one will click on boring ads!  Learn how to put an offer in your ads that people LOVE

3. Costs

Yes, you need to spend money on your ads but I suggest starting small at $10 or $20 per day to test and see results.

4. Copywriting & Creative

Nail your copy & images like a pro so everyone wants to sign up to your special offer

5. Using Ads Manager

You'll learn how not to get overwhelmed by all the options and set up your ads fast.

6. Creating Instant Forms

Including my super special hack for making sales instantly.

7. Split testing your ads

Even though this sounds hard, you'll find out just how easy it can be to test different images and copy.

8. Downloading Your New Leads

Your future customers email addresses are stored in Facebook, learn how to download them.

Lead form Magic (5)

Why This System Works:

I have been running Facebook & Instagram ads for small business clients for over 8 years.

Many of them are looking for a seamless way to capture new leads but don't want it to take a long time or cost a lot of money.

The benefit of running Lead Form ads is that you can ask people to give you their details. You're then able to call, email or add them to your mailing list.

These ads are direct and to the point so you don’t have to worry about being a copywriting pro!

Often our customers don't want to go all in and buy straight away so that's where email marketing can follow up with them.

Many of your customers may not even know that you exist yet!


Bower Camp Co was a completely new business using Lead Form Ads:

Miranda Ivey

“The lead form ads helped reach our target market directly, and increased our mailing list dramatically. We now have the attention of potential future customers; an interested audience that we can market to directly through email newsletters and offers”

Bower Camp Co

Time to bring in new leads for your business?

Enrol in Lead Form Magic ✨ 

for just $39  $19!


Here's The Types of Businesses That Lead Form Ads Work For:

Local Businesses

Recruitment agencies

Beauty Salons

Car Sales

Real Estate

Tourism & Accomodation

Retail Giveaways

Ticket Competitions

Tour Operators

Expressions of Interest

Hi, I'm Miranda Ivey,

I’m a Marketing and Small Business Coach. I specialise in Facebook ads for small businesses. 

I love helping businesses make money by running smart Facebook ads. They have been an absolute gamechanger for so many businesses and I know that you can be next.

I also love running my own business and the flexibility it affords me. You often won't find me at my desk before 10am because I love to be out in the water surfing.

Set up high performing ads on Facebook & Instagram and find new customers in under one hour!

 Lead Form Magic ✨ 

On Sale Now $39  $19!


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

How long will it take me to set up the ads?

The content for this course goes for just under 1 hour. You may decide to watch the content and do the worksheets at the same time, or you may come back to it. Lead Form Ads are still the easiest way to get started with Facebook & Instagram ads for lead generation.

How do I access the course materials?

The course is run via my online learning platform Simplero. When you sign up, you’ll create an account. If you have any issues, contact our team on hello@mirandaivey.com.

Is there a specific order to follow for the course modules?

Lead Form Magic has been set up in the same order that I create ad campaigns (almost) every day! I start with what I’m selling (the offer), who it’s for and how much I have to spend. Then I go on to write the ads and create images. I do this before I even open Ads Manager! Once you learn this system, you’ll understand that running your own ads can be easier than you think.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

Nope. All you need is a Facebook Page and an Ad Account. Creating an Ad Account is easy and straightforward. If you’ve ever boosted a post, you will have an ad account.

Is there a deadline for completing the course?

By signing up, you will have ongoing access to the course for as long as it exists.

Is there a discussion forum or community for students?

At this stage there isn’t. This is a standalone course, you will have the opportunity to book in your ad review separate to your purchase of the course.

Is there a refund policy?

If you are not happy with Lead Form Magic within 7 days of purchasing, contact hello@mirandaivey.com with your reason and you will be issued a refund.

How is the course content delivered?

Lead Form Magic is delivered via how to videos, worksheets and presentations. There are transcripts available if you prefer to read rather than watch.

Can I upgrade my course package?

There is the opportunity to upgrade to the One Amazing Ad program for more in depth support. Join the Wait List for One Amazing Ad here.

What sets this course apart from other Facebook ad courses?

Lead Form Magic is about one thing… generating leads! Other Facebook ads courses are comprehensive but this is designed to help you get going and see results - fast.